Finish Working and Keep Learning: Taking Classes in Retirement

Now that you’ve said farewell to your years of working full-time, your task now is to decide—how will I spend my retirement?

One popular option for seniors today is to spend their retirement going back to school—to embrace the idea of lifelong learning in an effort to keep their minds sharp, indulge in interesting topics and connect with peer scholars.

At UWA Online, our continuing education program has something to appeal to all ages, including those interested in learning for the sake of learning. Our online program offers a variety of courses that are affordable, accessible and ultimately, informative and enjoyable.

Online courses are a good fit for people who want to keep learning, but who may not be as readily available to hop in a car and drive to a college campus.

Why should you choose lifelong learning in retirement?

  • You have the time to so. In retirement, people often struggle with what to do with all of their newly-acquired free time. Taking classes is a beneficial and fulfilling way to spend your time.
  • You can decide exactly what you want to learn about. You can take courses toward earning a certificate or degree, or you can just choose to study whatever piques your interest just for fun. Most likely if you are taking classes in your senior years, you are to the point where you have figured out where your interests lie, and you are focusing on topics that you truly enjoy.
  • Learning keeps your brain sharp. Consuming, understanding and applying information that you learn helps keep your mind stimulated. Especially when you are no longer at a full-time job taking on tasks and challenges, this can be especially important to maintain.
  • Learning promotes socialization. Even though you are not sitting in a class with others, learning still encourages socialization in the sense that you will be better able to share your acquired knowledge with others in social settings.
  • Learning is simply enjoyable. Enough said!

Want to know more about our specific offerings at UWA Online? Call us at 205-652-5110, or visit us at for more information!

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