5 Continuing Education Courses to Take in Retirement

Some people may look at retirement and think about it being the end—the end of their careers, the end of their paychecks or the end of their middle-aged decades. Still others may think of it in a more positive light—as the end of their stressful nine-to-five schedules. In this sense, one can not only think […]

Course Spotlight: Retire Rich: Smart Retirement Steps for 20- and 30-Somethings 1269

Recent studies have shown that people are currently not saving nearly enough for retirement. In fact, 56% of people retire with less than $10,000—a far cry from what it would take a person to retire comfortably. For years, retirement analysts have suggested that people need around $1 million to retire comfortably. That number has since […]

Finish Working and Keep Learning: Taking Classes in Retirement

Now that you’ve said farewell to your years of working full-time, your task now is to decide—how will I spend my retirement? One popular option for seniors today is to spend their retirement going back to school—to embrace the idea of lifelong learning in an effort to keep their minds sharp, indulge in interesting topics […]