The Evo‘LU’tion of Luie the Tiger

The University of West Alabama’s beloved Luie the Tiger serves to rally supporters and inspire school spirit at every sporting event, academic function or community get-together he attends.

Though the University of West Alabama’s name has changed over the years, the tiger tradition has held strong as a staple of the college’s rich and spirited history.

In 1938, a Sumter County newspaper, Our Southern Home, came up with a tiger-themed nickname when it dubbed the then Livingston State Teachers College men’s basketball team as the “Rambling Tigers.” This was the same year the university became a part of the Alabama Intercollegiate Conference.

On Oct. 21, 1938, the tiger mascot was introduced and approved by alumni at the school’s first homecoming.

The school became Livingston University in 1968. Throughout the 1970s, the tiger mascot was known to walk through the initials “L.U.” at sporting events.

In 1985, the tiger mascot was given a makeover, and the mascot was named “LUie”—a nod to the school’s L.U. initials. Then, in 1995, Livingston University became the University of West Alabama, and the college’s tiger-themed logos were redesigned again.

Today, the tiger still symbolizes the university’s successes in both academics and athletics and serves as a furry, striped figurehead for the UWA fan base—continuing what is now a near 80-year tradition.

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