Going Green in Your Career: A Look at Renewable Energy Jobs

At UWA Online, we are excited to offer continuing education opportunities focusing on green and renewable energy—programs that promise to put our online students on the cutting edge of the latest innovations in energy use.

Over the course of the 21st century thus far, we have realized that renewable energy should not just remain a concept, but that it will ultimately become necessary for our species to rely on in the future as fossil fuels become more and more unstable and unreliable.

With increasing government and private funding for renewable energy, the number of available jobs in the green energy realm have multiplied—much to the advantage of those entering today’s work force.

So what is a renewable energy job? Here are a few of the current high-demand green energy careers that are growing in the workforce today.

Engineer: In terms of renewable energy, engineering typically encompasses the mechanical, electrical and environmental categories. Engineers implement new technology and design things like hydroelectric dams, solar cells and wind turbines. There are a multitude of career paths one can take as an engineer, making it a versatile way to enter the renewable energy field.

Farmer: These days, farmers are not only growing food for human consumption. Farmers grow food as a means of creating bioenergy. For example, corn ethanol already has a prominent place in the renewable energy market, as it appears in most of the gasoline we currently purchase at the pump. Other crops, like soybeans, sugar cane, wheat, coconut, oil palm and grape-seed may also become increasingly used for the production of ethanol and other biofuels such as diesel.

Solar Fabricator/Installer: As more roofs across America become equipped with photovoltaic (PV) panels for the use of solar energy, there is an increasing need for people to make and install these PV panels. Solar water heaters and pool heaters are becoming a standard practice in many areas of the country due to their marked cost efficiency. You can become officially certified in solar installation to raise your salary.

Wind Farm Developer: Wind farms are experiencing sweeping success across the world as a means of providing clean energy. Developers are responsible for securing the land, identifying a power purchaser or market and communicating with turbine manufacturers, among other duties.

Wind Turbine Fabricator, Installer, Operator: Similar to solar panels, wind turbines need installers and people to perform operations and maintenance-related duties. Having a background in engineering, construction and/or electrical and mechanical work could increase your salary.

As fossil fuels continue to be consumed, green energy opportunities are only expanding! See what UWA Online has to offer in terms of coursework that could lead you toward a career in renewable energy! Call us at 205-652-5110 or visit www.uwacontinuingeducation.com to learn more! #GreenEnergy #RenewableEnergy #GreenCareers #ContinuingEducation #UniversityOfWestAlabama #UWAOnline

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