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7 Top Coffee Shops Near Livingston

Want a peaceful, aromatic atmosphere in which to relax, read, or study? Want to make a quick coffee and snack stop before hitting the road? Sometimes, a good day is topped off by a visit to the local coffee shop with a sweet pastry and delicious caffeinated beverage. Among the choices of coffee shops near […]

8 Tips for Successfully Setting Up Your Home Office

A space means different things to each of us, and we tend to occupy space differently from one another; for example, the kitchen table is for eating dinner, but a mom might use that surface to make plans or work on bills. Successfully setting up your own home office space is critical for those who […]

Get a Helping of History at the UWA Black Belt Museum

Livingston and the University of West Alabama are set in a rich historical context as part of the state’s Black Belt Region. Named for its dark, fruitful soils, the Black Belt encompasses between 12 and 21 counties in the central part of Alabama, and it is geographically part of the larger Southern Black Belt, which […]

Where to Go Fishing in Sumter County

For many in the South, despite the substantial heat, summer is associated with time spent outdoors—from days passed poolside to nights around a campfire. For others, a view from the bank or a boat with rod and tackle in hand sounds more like the ideal summer afternoon. Fortunate for residents and visitors of Sumter County […]

10 Festive Facts About Fireworks

The 4th of July is perhaps best known for the holiday’s dazzling firework displays across the country—besides historical independence, of course. However, there’s more to these festive shows than their brilliance. Ever been curious about the objects lighting up the night sky with colorful shapes and drifting smoke? Fireworks have chemistry—and history!—and we want to […]

10 Dad-Worthy Activities to Do on Father’s Day 2017

One week from today—Sunday, June 18, is Father’s Day 2017. For those of us that have that privilege of spending June 18 with a father, expressing gratitude is important. Just like Mother’s Day, celebrating your parents outside the holiday is significant; however, sometimes it’s nice to have a day set aside to slow down, think […]

A Look at Livingston Historical Sites

Since its incorporation in 1835, the seat of Sumter County—Livingston, Alabama—has kept many of its historic landmarks, from its thrice-replaced county courthouse to a source of pride, the University of West Alabama. Much can be learned about a town through visiting landmarks. We’ll take you through a look at Livingston historical sites as far back […]