Course Spotlight: Balanced Leadership for Women 3439

Balanced Leadership for Women 3439

History has not always been on women’s side in leadership roles, and the clutches of that past still cling to varying capacities in our society. However it may be that times are changing, growing as a woman leader in what some deem a “man’s world” is a skillset that needs to be addressed. That problem is where Balanced Leadership for Women 3439 steps in to help women in or seeking leadership positions flourish. The course will allow students to:

  • Listen to stories—the successes and failures—of women leaders in history,
  • Practice techniques that will balance life and work,
  • Build character and relationships with others, and
  • Construct a path to success.


The Balanced Leadership for Women Course 3439 course will use four modules to help women leaders become stronger. The first module is Meaning, which will enable you to gain happiness through effective leadership training. This course will help you start by understanding your strengths and weaknesses and building your character from there.

The second module is Framing. Upon gaining an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, use your newfound understanding of self to determine what type of leader you are: A pessimist? An optimist? Adaptable? How do you confront obstacles? Once you have framed your leadership identity, you are ready to move forward.

The third module is Connecting. You must learn how to connect to the social world around you to become a capable woman leader. Building relationships through all stages of your career develops your skills as a leader and strengthens your needed network when you want to move up.

Finally, you will combine all three modules—Meaning, Framing, and Connecting—to commit to that step forward in your lives as happy leaders. The fourth module, Engagement, will teach you how to engage the previous modules into your life as a leader outside the class.

As with most of our continuing education courses, this class is an independent study, meaning all materials needed for a successful course completion is online. For technical support at all hours, a student helpdesk is available.

For more detailed information about Balanced Leadership for Women 3439, visit the course registration home page. From there, you can also register for the course, which closes on Friday, December 15, 2017.

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