Why Graduate School Pays Off

In today’s work climate, it’s not uncommon to question whether or not it’s worth it to pursue higher education beyond an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

The cost of higher education continues to grow, and during the recent economic recession, some with master’s degrees were struggling to find work because they were actually overqualified for the jobs that were available at that time.

However, in a general sense, if you are seeking a solid, well-paying job, a graduate degree in many cases may be necessary to secure one.

Here are a few reasons why graduate school pays off in the long run.

Better employment opportunities. In many career areas, such as administration, public affairs and social services, a master’s degree is replacing a bachelor’s as the minimum requirement for employment. Bachelor degree holders are finding it increasingly difficult to stand up against employee candidates with master’s degrees and PhDs.

Investment in your interests. Graduate degrees allow you to hone in on the topics that interest you more in depth. In graduate school, you will be engulfed in your studies to a higher degree than you were as an undergrad.

Career advancement. Earning a graduate degree proves your academic motivation, ability to follow through with a complex task and intellectual skill. All of these are qualities that employers look for in potential employees or in existing employees that they are looking to promote within an organization.

Professional skills. Compared to a graduate degree, an undergraduate degree is simply more of a qualifier in many cases. While earning a graduate degree, you will obtain professional skills and undergo personal development that you would not find anywhere else.

A bigger paycheck. People with advanced degrees tend to earn bigger paychecks than those with only undergraduate degrees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for people with master’s degrees is generally more than $10,000 more than that of people with master’s degrees.

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