Course Spotlight: Cash is King 1190

As most of us know, cash is key to a business’ success! In fact, it has been reported that 90% of all small business failures happen due to poor cash flow—meaning the business is spending more than it is bringing in.

In “Cash is King 1190,” required to earn an Entrepreneurial Finance Certificate, students will learn about the importance of cash to the success of a business, learn how to maximize cash flow and also learn about the role he or she will play in determining cash flow success.

The one-month course will cover four units. In the first unit, Cash Flow Strategies, students will learn:

  • Why cash is so important to a business
  • What the cash-critical stages are in a business
  • What internal sources of cash are available
  • What external sources of cash are available

In Unit 2, Reporting and Evaluating Cash Flow, students will:

  • Review a Cash Flow Statement
  • Review a Projected CashFlow Report
  • Learn about what the Cash Cycle communicates
  • Determine what improvements can be made to shorten the cash cycle
  • Calculate a cash cycle

In the third unit, Projecting Cash Needs, students will learn:

  • How much cash a business needs
  • When cash injections are needed
  • Which cash needs internal sources will be able to cover
  • Which cash needs external sources will be able to cover
  • How to make comparisons with other businesses in the same industry

In Unit 4, Funding Requests, students will learn:

  • What debt sources of cash are available
  • What are the potential equity sources of cash
  • What requirements different funding sources have
  • How to make a pitch to investors
  • How to approach potential lenders for financing

At the end of the course, participants will be able to understand their companies’ cash flow and their own role in cash flow success, to determine cash needs based on a three-year estimate of cash sources and uses, to devise cash management ideas to improve cash flow and to consider external cash sources and be able to approach them effectively to request funding.

“Cash is King 1190” will be available March 6-31, 2017; May 1-26, 2017 and July 3-28, 2017!

To learn more, including how to register, call 205-652-5110, or visit! #CashIsKing #EntrepreneurialFinance #Finance #Entrepreneur #ContinuingEducation #OnlineLearning #UWAOnline #UniversityOfWestAlabama

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