Where to Go Fishing in Sumter County

For many in the South, despite the substantial heat, summer is associated with time spent outdoors—from days passed poolside to nights around a campfire. For others, a view from the bank or a boat with rod and tackle in hand sounds more like the ideal summer afternoon. Fortunate for residents and visitors of Sumter County in west Alabama, the area is home to some of the best fishing spots in the state. With several natural bodies of water including the Tombigbee River and an abundance of privately-owned fishing opportunities, anglers in Sumter County should not be disappointed. Wondering where to go fishing in Sumter County? Check out these spots.

Lake LU

Located on the University of West Alabama’s campus, the 54-acre Lake LU is open to the public for fishing and boating three days a week. The lake is surrounded by nature trails for hiking, running, bird watching and more.


Sumter Pond

Sumter Pond is located 4.2 miles from Livingston near Hixon, Alabama.


Lake Louise

Lake Louise is located 2.2 miles from York in Sumter County.


Dream Lake Lodge

Boasting the best trophy bass fishing in the Southeast, Dream Lake Lodge is located in Livingston and features two lakes stocked with Florida, Tiger and F1 Bass. The lodge is available to rent for day trips or overnight stays. Go to the website.


Jug Branch Lodge

Located in Livingston, Jug Branch Lodge offers four lakes that have been extensively managed for trophy fishing. Fish for Blue Gill, Shell Cracker, Copper Nose, Florida Bass or F1 Bass. Go to the website.


P-Arrow Plantation

P-Arrow features eight lakes across 110 acres that are stocked with Northern, Florida and hybrid largemouth bass in addition to copper nose, blue gill, shell crackers and crappie. The largest lake on the plantation, which is located in Livingston, is the 33-acre Horseshoe Lake. Go to the website.


Tombigbee River

Flowing from the Fall Line Hill region of West Alabama to the lower Coastal Plain, the Tombigbee River offers fishing opportunities for species like catfish, largemouth bass, crappie and bream. The river flows through Sumter County and along the borders of Marengo/Choctaw and Clarke/Washington counties. Public boating docks on the Tombigbee are located in Epes, Gainesville and Belmont.

Sucarnoochee River

The Sucarnoochee River is a tributary of the Tombigbee River and flows through Sumter County.


In deciding where to go fishing in Sumter County, keep in mind that possessing an Alabama fishing license is a requirement for persons 12 and older. In addition, you should always first contact the local Fish and Wildlife department to make sure that the lake, river, pond or stream is open to the public for fishing. For more information on Alabama’s fishing regulations, visit the Outdoor Alabama website.

Now that you know where to go fishing in Livingston, it’s time to plan your next fishing trip!

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