6 OSHA Courses You Can Take With UWA Online

OSHA courses

Depending on where you have worked, the following scenario may seem familiar to you. You are in the breakroom or standing next to your company bulletin board, and you notice a laminated poster outlining “OSHA Guidelines.” You may have glazed over it, but don’t be too quick to pass it off as unimportant.  A part of the United States Department of Labor, OSHA, or, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is an entity that was created to assure safe and healthy working conditions by setting standards and providing training, education and other resources. Though OSHA itself does not address training or certification requirements, meeting several OSHA standards requires that employers train their employees on specific health and safety issues with regard to their jobs. If you are looking for OSHA-related CEUs, check out these OSHA courses you can take with UWA Online!

  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens 3551
    • Healthcare workers, emergency response persons, lab personnel and others who may be exposed to blood through their daily work can benefit from this course. OSHA sets several standards regarding worker safety and potential risks from bloodborne pathogens, which will be covered in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens 3551. Register here.


  • OSHA Construction Industry Training 3552
    • This course will help workers at construction worksites identify hazards that can lead to occupational fatalities caused by falls, electrocution, falling objects and other scenarios. The idea in helping point out these potential hazards is to help construction site workers protect themselves and others. Register here.


  • OSHA Emergency Preparedness 3553
    • Designed for general audiences, this course intends to help employers create effective emergency action plans and educate employees about what to do in various emergency situations. The course will help employees feel better prepared to handle emergency scenarios efficiently. Register here.


  • OSHA Ergonomics 3554
    • In this instance, ergonomics refers to matching up workplace conditions and job demands to the abilities of one’s employees. Participants will learn how to execute tasks in such a way that they are not detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of employees. OSHA Ergonomics 3554 will cover ergonomics, how to apply ergonomics and OSHA’s role in enforcing ergonomics in the workplace. Register here.


  • OSHA Safety & Health 3555
    • This course will cover OSHA’s standards for workplace health and safety and teach participants how to help prevent issues that can be injurious to a worker’s health or safety. As an organization, OSHA works to reduce workplace accidents by educating employers and employees about proactivity concerning workplace injury deterrence. Learn how to create and implement a plan promoting this type of proactivity with OSHA Safety & Health 3555. Register here.


  • OSHA Workplace Violence 3556
    • In OSHA Workplace Violence 3556, participants will acquire critical knowledge of workplace violence issues including policies, awareness, prevention, response and preparedness. The aim of the course is to help employees recognize instances of workplace violence and work to implement safe practices to prevent it. Register here.

Each of these OSHA courses you can take with UWA Online costs $40 and are structured as independent study courses. Students will be provided with the online material needed to successfully complete the course, and technical support will be available to participants during the enrollment period.

Help create a safer workplace for yourself, your employees and/or your coworkers with these OSHA courses you can take with UWA Online! To view UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning’s other course offerings, visit www.uwa.edu/ce!

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