Why Get a Tech Job?

It’s no secret that technology-related jobs are in-demand, and for the most part, high-paying.

In fact, according to Glassdoor.com’s annual 25 Highest Paying Jobs in Demand report for 2016, 11 of the top high-paying jobs are in the tech industry—more than any other industry on the list.

If that fact alone is not incentive enough to get involved in the tech industry, there are several other upsides of the technology field that you may not have considered.

For one, the technology field is always changing—meaning that your role will most likely evolve with it. This can prevent you from feeling bored with your job or feeling that it is overly monotonous. As technology changes, it also means that new jobs will constantly be created to accommodate those changes. For you, as long as you keep up with what’s new, then job security is likely something you will not have to worry about.

Another perk in the tech industry is the working environment itself. Many of today’s big tech giants like Google, Apple, Uber, etc. boast modern, amenity-filled offices that are a far cry from the drab 9 to 5 cubicle work life. Some tech jobs also allow you to very easily work remotely, so that can stay in your house shoes all day if that’s what you prefer.

Along the same lines, freelancing is very possible when it comes to working a tech job. For example, many web designers work creating websites on a project-to-project basis, allowing them the freedom to do what they want and to be their own bosses.

Finally, working in the field of technology can be extremely gratifying. Whether you are making a community website or designing the next iPhone, the effects of your work are tangible and have the ability to positively impact a broad audience of users.

At UWA Online, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a selection of technology courses through our brand new Continuing Education program, which will launch Jan. 9, 2017! If you are interested in UWA Online’s technology-related course offerings, contact us today. Give us a call at 205-652-5110 or email us at [email protected] to learn how you can get involved! #TechJobs #Technology #WorkTech #ContinuingEducation #UWA #UWAOnline



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