10 Ways to Have a Summer Staycation

summer staycation

As many people gear up for beach weekends, road trips and even flights to faraway places this summer, others without the budget or time to travel may be feeling down and out upon seeing friends’ Facebook posts advertising their warm weather adventures. But just because you are not planning to traverse state lines this summer does not mean you can’t plan a fun or relaxing escape from your everyday routine. Introducing the staycation—a vacation you can take without leaving town—or without even opening your front door. If you want to have fun without blowing your budget, check out these 10 ways to have a summer staycation!

  • Camp in your backyard. Sleeping under the stars is a classic summer activity—and one that you can do from the comfort of your own backyard. Grab a tent, sleeping bags and some s’mores and enjoy getting in touch with the Great Outdoors—while still having a bathroom nearby!


  • Have a movie marathon. Pick a favorite genre or series, and invite your friends over for an all-day or night movie extravaganza. If you want to take it a step further, look into setting up a projector on a large wall inside or on the exterior of your home to get the big screen experience.


  • Be a tourist in your own town. What landmarks or attractions is your town known for that you have never been to visit yourself? Take yourself on a tour of your town by hitting all of the highlights that typically attract outside visitors.


  • Visit a local museum or historical site. Along the same lines, get in touch with local history by heading to a museum or historical site nearby. Spend time taking in the culture of your area for a staycation that will teach you something.


  • Venture to a local nature preserve or state park. Staycations are the perfect opportunity to explore. Plan a day hiking, biking or boating at a state park or nature preserve within close proximity. Bring a picnic and immerse yourself in nature.


  • Attend a sporting event. If you are not a regular sports attendee, this will give you the opportunity to experience something new. If you are an avid sports goer, then bring a friend along who has never been to a game. Even if you are not a huge fan of a sport or team, all of the festivities surrounding sporting events are sure to entertain.


  • Set up a kiddie pool at home. If you have children, they’ll be ecstatic to splash around in a pool in their own backyard. If you do not have children, there is nothing saying that kiddie pools are just for kids! Pick up one of the larger pool options, fill it with the hose and invite your friends over to cool off under the sun.


  • Splurge on some “vacation” food. Is there a particular dish that you reserve for ordering only on vacations? For your summer staycation this year, make it feel like you are on vacation by cooking or ordering that meal.


  • Treat yourself. Look into making an appointment with your local spa, hair stylist or nail salon to treat yourself to some pampering. Schedule a massage, try a new hairstyle or get a manicure and pedicure. To save money, set some time aside to do your own nails at home, try a mud mask or take a long bath.


  • Do nothing. For many, this may be the ultimate summer staycation activity! When you have time off work or school, there is nothing wrong with simply relaxing and indulging in the peace and quiet of your own home.

Summer staycations can be just as rewarding as exotic trips if you approach it with the right mindset! There are also benefits of a staycation over a vacation including less money spent, less stress and less time spent traveling—and more time spent doing what you want to do!

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