Course Spotlight: Beef: Principles and Methods of Cooking 3104


There can be more to cooking beef than shaping it into hamburger patties for the grill or combining it with taco seasoning in a skillet—and you can learn all about it in Beef: Principles and Methods of Cooking 3104 through the University of West Alabama Online.

In this online continuing education course offered through the University of West Alabama Online, students will learn everything they ever wanted to know and more about cutting, cooking, storing, aging and garnishing beef. The course will focus on beef preparation, the anatomy of a cow and the specifics of the meat’s various cuts. In addition, students will learn about the grading process, proper refrigeration methods and what marinades work best depending on the type of beef you are cooking and how.

Other topics covered in Beef: Principles and Methods of Cooking 3104 include:

  • Describing the structure and composition of beef
  • Identifying the two types of aging for meat
  • Explaining the process for inspection and grading of beef
  • Selecting the appropriate meat cuts for recipes
  • Understanding how to receive and store meat properly
  • Selecting appropriate cooking methods for cuts of meat
  • Listing appropriate accompaniments and garnishes to serve with meat
  • Identifying quality signs of meat, with fat and marbling
  • Practicing cutting, dicing and other preparation techniques
  • Identifying accurate portion cuts of meat
  • Preparing classic beef recipes
  • And more!

Featured Escoffier chefs include Chef Randall Sansom, a professional chef, food and beverage director; Chef Susie Wolak, with 30 years of pastry and baking experience; Chef Thomas Kaltenecker who has taught in various culinary education programs and consulted for high end restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops; Chef Cesar Herrera, with 20 years’ experience as a professional chef and restaurant owner; and Chef Michael Zema, Chairman and Professor Emeritus, Elgin Community College Hospitality and Culinary Arts Program.

Beef: Principles and Methods of Cooking 3104 is open now for registration and can be started upon registration. Registration for this course is open through Dec. 15, 2017. To learn more about this and other UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning courses, visit!



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