10 Useful Continuing Education Courses for Teachers

continuing education courses for teachers

It has been said that teachers are doing a disservice to their students if teachers themselves do not continuing learning throughout their careers. While some topics like math and science can seem concrete (2+2 will always equal 4), as technology evolves, the methods available to teachers to relay information is ever changing. In order to be able to teach students the most relevant material in the most effective manner, continuing education courses through the duration of a teaching career are deemed not only helpful, but necessary. At the University of West Alabama Online, our eLearning program features a selection of continuing education courses for teachers that apply to a variety of educator needs. Here are 10 useful continuing education course for teachers to give you a taste of what UWA Online has to offer!

  • Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools: This course will define and discuss the personal, social and legal ramifications associated with sexual harassment, bullying and cyber-intimidation. Participants will be exposed to preventative strategies, as well as strategies for addressing a harassment, bullying or cyber-intimidation situation.


  • UWA’s Using Social Media to Improve Communication Efforts: Examine techniques and practices that can help you facilitate using social media as a means to communicate with parents, children and the community as a whole. Participants will create a social media toolkit that can be implemented in their districts or schools.


  • Developing Hybrid Courses: Participants will learn how to combine face-to-face engagement with online tools to effectively deliver content to their students. Teachers will get a feel for how a hybrid course can expose them to a larger audience and allow them to convey their lessons in innovative ways.


  • Educational Technology 101: Educators will learn about the most cutting-edge technology available to teachers and how to productively implement various technology materials into their curriculums. Topics include blogs, podcasts, digital storytelling, virtual field trips and more.


  • Effectively Using iPads to Transform the Classroom: This course will focus on the importance of using iPads to achieve classroom goals and teach students real-world technology-based skills. Teachers will become familiar with a host of apps relative to teach English, math, science, social studies, heath and the arts.


  • Best Practices for a Successful Middle School Classroom: Designed for teachers of grades six through eight, this course will focus on how to develop and manage a thriving junior high or middle school classroom. It will cover a range of topics, including Common Core standards, time management, behavioral issues common to that specific age group and how to capture and retain student interest.


  • Google as a Classroom Tool for Learning (K-12): Educators will learn how to use Google products and services to their advantage in the classroom. Participants will create a Google account and will practice navigating through the interfaces of various Google products in an effort to improve communication, collaboration and engagement.


  • Improving Your Students Test Taking Skills: In addition to helping teachers understand concepts related to standardized testing, this course will show teachers how to help students prepare for tests and take steps to improve their test taking strategies.


  • Preparing Students for the Common Core Assessments: This course will help teachers understand the Common Core Assessments and their impact on teaching strategies and curriculum design. Participants will learn how Common Core affects the way lessons should be developed and taught and will acquire methods for helping students prepare for the Common Core Assessments.


  • UWA’s K-12 There’s an App for That! Acquire knowledge of app-based tools that can help you in various aspects of the classroom. This course will introduce participants to apps that can improve parent and colleague communication, increase student engagement and enhance organizational methods.


This list features only a sample of the many continuing education courses for teachers available through UWA Online! Each of these courses counts toward either CEU or PLU credit. Because they are all available in an online environment, teachers can benefit from the flexibility of being able to earn their CEU and PLU credits around their already busy schedules.

To register for any of these or other UWA Online Continuing Education eLearning courses, visit https://uwa.augusoft.net/ and click the “Education” tab on the left side of the screen!

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