Course Spotlight: The Flipped Classroom

flipped classroom

Traditional learning methods are being favored less and less over new and innovative teaching strategies—including a concept called the flipped classroom. The flipped classroom refers to the inversion of the traditional classroom, which involves teachers lecturing and students completing homework outside of the classroom. Instead, in the flipped classroom, students view short video lectures at home before coming to class to complete exercises, projects or other activities.

In “The Flipped Classroom,” a continuing education eLearning course offered through the University of West Alabama Online, participants will learn how implementing the flipped classroom method can turn a dull classroom environment into a vibrant and thriving one. The course will not only define a flipped classroom and illustrate how it can be effective, but it will teach educators how to apply the technique in their own classrooms.

This one-month course is divided into the following four units:

Unit 1: Understanding What a Flipped Class Is

  • How the flipped classroom changes the way we teach
  • What paradigm shift will need to take place in a flipped classroom
  • How students can relate to the flipped classroom

Unit 2: Exploring the Benefits of a Flipped Classroom

  • How the flipped classroom can benefit the instructor
  • How the flipped classroom can benefit the student
  • How the flipped classroom enhance and expand the learning endeavor

Unit 3: How to Design Your Own Flipped Class

  • Tools you will need to help flip your classroom
  • Tools you will need to help flip your online class
  • The process of setting up your flipped classroom
  • Flexibility needed in developing a flipped classroom

Unit 4: Successful Flipped Classroom Examples

  • Success stories from instructors who have benefited from flipping their classrooms
  • Success stories from students who have benefited from a flipped classroom
  • How the learning process comes alive and flourishes in a flipped classroom

By the end of the course, participants will have a better understanding as to how a flipped classroom can benefit both the teacher and the student. They will also know how to identify and obtain technologies that can aid in creating a flipped classroom and will be able to cite real-life scenarios in which flipped classrooms have been successful.

The Flipped Classroom is one of three courses required to earn a Certificate in Blended Instruction from UWA Online. This course is being offered June 5 through 30, Aug. 7 through Sept. 1 and Nov. 6 through Dec. 1!

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