UWA Receives $1.25 Million Workforce Development Grant

The University of West Alabama’s emphasis on workforce development initiatives has received national attention in the form of a $1.25 million grant that will serve to enhance the job placement outcomes of the university’s graduates.

UWA was recently named one of only 24 colleges in the United States to receive grant money that will enhance workforce development and help connect students with meaningful employment opportunities upon graduation.

Funding is provided by the UNCF Career Pathways Initiative by the Lilly Endowment Inc. The grant intends to help UWA align its curricula with local and national workforce needs in an effort to better outline positive career pathways for students as they transition from college to the workforce.

Specifically, the funding at UWA is being used to create a College to Career (C2C) program that encompasses a variety of career prep activities including a graduating senior career development boot camp, career development mentorship programs, standard career pathways panning courses, individual career staff assistance and new software and tracking programs to enhance graduate employment tracking.

To read the full press release, click here!

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