Course Spotlight: Conflict Management 1211

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, especially in the workplace. However, knowing how to successfully manage conflict is a skill that can prove invaluable to overcoming bumps in the road in an effort to stay on track toward your company’s end goal.

It has been proven that effective conflict management skills positively correlate to higher earnings and promotion. In “Conflict Management 1211,” students will discover a workable conflict management model, discuss case studies in conflict management and focus on successful conflict management strategies to apply in the workplace. This course is a requirement to earn a Certificate in Workplace Communication from UWA Online.

The one-month course is divided into four units. In Unit 1, “Understanding Conflict,” participants will learn:

  • The definition of conflict
  • The up side of conflict
  • To describe performance expectations related to conflict

In Unit 2, “Understanding the Conflict Management Model,” students will learn about:

  • Using the model
  • Dialog for conflict conversation
  • When to take action and address a conflict situation

In Unit 3, “Conflict Management Case Studies,” students will:

  • Review real world cases
  • Analyze and evaluate the cases

To wrap up the course, in Unit 4, “Strategies for Success,” class participants will:

  • Create a standard of performance
  • Create their own dialog
  • Apply the model

By the end of the course, students will be able to identify when to get involved in a conflict situation, know how to create accountability for job performance and will understand how to link employees’ behaviors to their job performance. In general, participants will acquire skills in becoming better communicators in terms of conflict resolution in order to establish more effective relationships with employees.

“Conflict Management 1211” is being offered Feb. 6-March 3; April 3-28 and June 5-30!

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