A Look at UWA’s Lake LU

Since Alabama’s winter has been unseasonably warm, we’ve had more opportunities lately to get outside and enjoy it. If you are a UWA student, a resident of Sumter County or someone just looking for a day trip, consider checking out Lake LU on the University of West Alabama’s campus.

Opened in 1976, Lake LU is a 54-acre lake on UWA’s campus that provides opportunities for bass and bream fishing, boating, picnicking and walking along one of the lake’s three nature trails.

The Forest Trail is one-half mile, the Prairie Trail is one mile and the Lake Trail is two-and-a-half miles and covers the entire circumference of Lake LU. Along the trails, informative panels teach visitors about the biology of the area, including species that currently inhabit and that have in the past lived in and around the lake. The panels also warn of the disappearance of the prairie and encourage its conservation efforts.

UWA has 12 flat-bottom aluminum fishing boats available for rental at $5 a day ($3 a day for UWA students, faculty and staff). Visitors can also rent required life vests and paddles for $1 each (these fees are waived for UWA students, faculty and staff). Visitors can also launch their own small canoes or John boats for $3.

The fishing year on Lake LU runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. During that time, a limited weight of fish can be removed from the lake. Once the maximum amount is reached, the lake will be closed to fishing until the fishing year re-starts.

Lake LU also features a picnic and pavilion area ideal for hosting family, community or university events. The cost is $10 for groups of 25 or less to rent the pavilion, or $.50 per person for groups with more than 25 people. University organizations can use the pavilion for free provided that they have reserved it ahead of time.

Never been to Lake LU? Plan an evening fishing trip, a Saturday picnic or a Sunday stroll to experience all that this natural beauty has to offer!

For more insight into Livingston and the surrounding area, continue to follow the UWA Online blog! For more information on UWA Online’s continuing education offerings, visit https://uwa.augusoft.net/!


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