Course Spotlight: Wine Pairing and Tasting 3977

wine pairing and tasting

Has becoming a sommelier always been on your bucket list? Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out what the word means? For those interested in getting to know wine beyond the label on the bottle UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning can help. The e-Learning course, Wine Pairing and Tasting 3997, serves to teach participants the art of pairing food dishes with the specific wine that will enhance the tasting and dining experience.

In Wine Pairing and Tasting 3977, participants will learn about the art of serving wine as a means of enhancing the dining experience. The course will provide an in-depth look into the process of wine tasting, which involves using one’s senses to examine and evaluate wine. Those who successfully complete the course will be better able to speak intelligently about wine and why certain types pair well with specific foods.

Lessons covered in Wine Pairing and Tasting 3977 include:

Module 1: Introduction and White Wines

  • 1 White Wines

Module 2: Glassware, Temperature, Storage and Ratings

  • 1 Glassware, Temperature, Storage and Ratings

Module 3: Red Wines

  • 1 Red Wines

Module 4: Regions

  • 1 Europe
  • 2 Europe Continued
  • 3 North America
  • 4 South America, Australia, New Zealand
  • 5 Conclusion

The instructor for Wine Pairing and Tasting 3977 is Chris Thornton, owner, operator and C.E.O of Bottles up Bartending School. Thornton conceived and implemented the original curriculum that the bartending school currently uses. This course is $399 and is open for registration through Dec. 15, 2017.

Impress your friends and family and become a true wine connoisseur in your spare time by registering for this course through UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning! To register for this course, or to browse our other course offerings, visit us at today!




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