Course Spotlight: Web Design 4179

Web Design 4179

The credibility of a website is often determined by the craftsmanship of its design and usability, and in a digital era saturated in digital competition, becoming an effective web designer is essential. Web Design 4179 will teach students the basics of HTML, CSS, and web design. The course will guide students through the process of learning basic coding without need for prior knowledge. Students will complete the course with a working knowledge of web design such as HTML, CSS, page layout techniques, text formatting, and graphic design implementation.


The completion of Web Design 4179 will allow students to advance in their web design studies, allowing them to become proficient and competitive web designers. This course is useful for prospective web designers and programmers.


The objectives of Web Design 4179 will facilitate students to learn how to

  • understand effective web layout,
  • organize web sites with appropriate colors and fonts within a management structure,
  • execute basic HTML and CSS,
  • optimize web graphics,
  • differentiate and know different file types,
  • launch web pages through an FTP client,
  • know the process of acquiring a web domain and hosting service,
  • be familiar with the theory and practice of graphic design, and
  • select the most appropriate web development software.


To view the course outline, register for the class, and view additional course information, click here!


After registering for the class, you can enter the online classroom through a username and password. You can participate at any time—the classroom is open each day of the week, all day, with no real-time requirements. However, students are encouraged to post on the discussion forum 2-3 times a day, and the instructor will log on at least once a day to respond to questions and discussion.


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