Course Spotlight: Nutrition and Fitness Professional 3195

nutrition and fitness professional

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. In Nutrition and Fitness Professional 3195, you will learn practical skills and knowledge about staying healthy and fit. The course promotes a personalized guide to fitness and wellness that are both attainable and enjoyable, and students can learn and put to practice a variety of information regarding not just nutrition and fitness but also stress management.


Nutrition and Fitness Profession 3195 will teach students to

  • understand that physical activity and nutrition are important for wellness,
  • measure body mass and assess physical fitness,
  • practice building and maintaining muscular strength and flexibility,
  • manage stress and fend off mental and bodily ailments,
  • comprehend the process behind starting a health coaching business,
  • plan healthy diets,
  • understand the affects nutrition has on health,
  • know the roles of vitamins and minerals for the body,
  • know how to comprehend nutrition information and uses in the food industry, and
  • identify the nutritional needs of a person throughout their lifespan.


Nutrition and Fitness Professional 3195 is ideal for students seeking professions within the health and nutrition career market or for students interested in learning how to improve their health through an effective curriculum. At the end of a successful course, students will be able to register for the NCCB national certification exam and become Certified Health and Fitness Coaches (CHFC), providing students with the opportunity to partake in entry-level jobs as nutrition coaches. Furthermore, Nutrition and Fitness Professional 3195 will give students the tools they need not only to improve their lifestyles, but also to aid others in their journey to become healthier individuals.


This continuing education course will be facilitated by an education mentor who will help guide students through the course, review students’ work and progress, and provide help and interaction where needed.


You can register for this course through December 15, 2017. Additionally, certain technical materials are required for the course. Visit the bottom of the official course webpage to view required materials and equipment needed for the successful completion of this course.


If you are interested in Nutrition and Fitness Professional 3195, click here to register for the course or here to browse for other UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning courses. Don’t forget to visit us at!

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