How Continuing Education Has Changed from Luxury to Necessity

continuing education has changed

Decades and centuries ago, the ability to go to school was considered a privilege, rather than a right. As time progressed, that idea shifted, and going to school for at least one’s childhood and teenage years became the norm. College then became an opportunity that only an elite few got to enjoy. Today, the number of high school students transitioning to college is higher than ever, and we now look to another tier of learning beyond college: continuing education. Whereas lifelong learning historically has been more enrichment or hobby-oriented, recently, continuing education has changed from luxury to necessity among today’s professionals.

The continuing education of the past was often limited to skills that were considered “extras,” or, not critical to one’s success in the workplace—such as painting or photography, for example. Today, in considering how continuing education has changed, think about the fact that change in professional settings is constant. In order to keep up with that change, professionals have to continue learning as information in their respective fields evolves. It has essentially become a necessity to take professional development and specialized continuing education courses in order to meet the demands of a highly-competitive workforce.

Think of continuing education as a way to keep your career skills relevant. Some careers may require that you earn a professional certificate, while certificate programs for others may just be an impetus for job advancement. Continuing education can also be helpful in an attempt to transition from one career to another.

In addition, with continuing education becoming a necessity for more and more workers, the pool of continuing education participants has become more and more diverse—from recent college graduates to persons long-established in their careers. Fitting this type of necessity into already-busy schedules calls for flexibility—such as the flexibility that one can enjoy by taking online continuing education courses.

The fact that continuing education has changed from luxury to necessity is something all workers need to embrace. Through UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning, you can take the specialized courses needed to stay ahead in your field without disrupting your daily routine—as our entire program is online-based. There is no better time than now to enroll for a course or certificate program that can propel you to reaching your career goals! Visit to browse our course offerings and register today.

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