Course Spotlight: Going Green 3500

Going Green 3500

Looking to improve environmentally-friendly habits in your daily routine? Register for Going Green 3500—a continuing education e-Learning course from the University of West Alabama Online! Students enrolled in this course will learn budget-friendly practices that encourage healthier, greener lifestyles that will benefit not just students and their families, but the environment that we call home.


As concern for the safety and health of planet Earth peaks public interest, it is vitally important—as it always has been—for individuals and their families to take part in whatever ways they can to reduce their carbon footprint: every little bit helps. Students of Going Green 3500 will learn that significant change can be enacted through simple actions—for both our health, the environment, and our budgets.


Going Green 3500 will teach students to

  • conserve,
  • reduce,
  • reuse, and
  • recycle

and curtail their environmental impact!


The course is divided into the following modules:


Module 1: What Does it Mean to be Green?

  • Green power
  • Waste and recycling
  • Reuse existing resources
  • Eat organic
  • Unplug


Module 2: Greening Your Consumption

  • DIY cleaners
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Becoming water conscious
  • Energy offsetting and auditing
  • Organic: safe, local, clean


Module 3: Greening Your Look

  • Sustainable yards and gardens
  • Green pest management and weed control
  • Composting
  • Organic clothing and green fabrics
  • Green personal care products


Module 4: Next Level: Greening Your Travel, Others and Extreme Lifestyle Choices

  • Carbon emissions, oil supply and driving smarter
  • Alternative modes of transportation
  • Slow travel, ecotourism and green business
  • Green kids from birth
  • Green homes and communities


The online-taught course is an independent-study, providing students with the online materials they need to learn and succeed within their own schedules. An available student helpdesk will provide technical support during enrollment.


Enrolled students will need Internet access such as broadband or high-speed Internet connection. Other hardware requirements can be found on the course information page, as well as registration information. The course tuition is $195.00.


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