Course Spotlight: Capturing, Processing, and Protecting Information 3615

information technology

As human kind progresses toward more and more advanced technology, the system by which we gather information has changed. Capturing, Processing, and Protecting Information 3615 will help students understand this change in information technology as well as our part in it. Data seekers obtain information in two ways: manually and electronically. Once contained, analysis transforms the data into useful information that appropriate channels, such as businesses, use in decision making. To ensure reliability and security for the business and the individual, reliable and consistent methods protect information for use by authorized users.

Obtaining and applying information in ethical practice is important for a business manager where the information he or she encounters will shape future actions. Everyone uses information to different degrees; new knowledge can shape ideas, decisions, and behaviors. The internet brings us an onslaught of information every day, perhaps more than in any generation. Capturing, Processing, and Protecting Information 3615 will demonstrate the methods information system use to capture, process, and protect information; furthermore, the course will teach the application of information.

Students taking Capturing, Processing, and Protecting Information 3615 will learn how information:

  • has changed over time
  • is shared between systems and people
  • is digitally captured
  • is processed
  • is protected and why.

This online course is considered an independent study, and students are allowed to work at their own pace with the materials provided by the course. For technical support, students can contact the student help desk during course enrollment.

Recommended hardware requirements include access to broadband, DSL, or wireless internet; dial-up internet may cause problems loading pages and viewing videos and images. Google Chrome is preferred, and pop-ups and cookies must be allowed. A PowerPoint presentation viewer, PDF viewer, and media player are also recommended.

Registration for Capturing, Processing, and Protecting Information 3615 ends Friday, December 15, 2017 at 12:00 AM. Tuition for the course is $40.00.

For additional information, please view the course description webpage. For a listing of UWA Continuing Education courses, feel free to browse our other offerings! Continue following the UWA Continuing Education blog for more course spotlights!



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