10 Reasons to Choose UWA

reasons to choose UWA

When it comes to deciding on a place to pursue continuing education, you want somewhere that has a proven record of excellence. Even if you are planning to take continuing education courses online, you may want to take into account the reputation of the brick and mortar school itself. Aligning your continuing education with a recognizable school that carries itself well in the eyes of others will therefore make your own continuing education efforts stand out. That being said, here are 10 reasons to choose UWA—as an undergraduate, graduate or lifelong learner!

  1. UWA offers something for everyone. Offering associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, as well as non-credit continuing education certificates, UWA will likely have what you’re looking for. The university boasts programs in business, education, liberal arts, nursing, natural sciences and math, with more than 60 undergraduate programs and 20 graduate programs.
  2. UWA professors maintain a passion for the profession. In addition to consistently being recognized for their published works, outreach and service projects and leadership across a selection of venues, UWA teachers are passionate about teaching—period!
  3. UWA students thrive on individualized attention. On campus, students enjoy a 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio—not like the stadium-seating classrooms you’ll find at some other state schools. Even through our online courses, students will always be connected to a helpful human resource in the event that he or she needs assistance.
  4. UWA’s campus is abuzz with activity. Greek life, sports teams, performing arts, student government—you’ll find it all at UWA. Even if you are not an on-campus student, UWA regularly hosts a number of activities that are open for the community to attend.
  5. UWA delights nature lovers. UWA’s bucolic 600-acre campus in rural west Alabama features nature trails and a stocked 54-acre lake for fishing.
  6. UWA is historic. UWA piques historical interest—with its storied past as an all-women’s school to the architecturally significant historical campus buildings that have seen thousands walk down their halls over the decades.
  7. UWA stays up-to-date. While budding with history, UWA also offers students and staff modern conveniences from classrooms to labs to residence halls. The university strives to employ top technological resources to better the learning environment.
  8. UWA is affordable. UWA’s tuition (for all types of classes) is lower than most state universities in Alabama. UWA also offers grants, scholarships and loans to help students pay for school.
  9. UWA is a lifelong community. Once you make ties to UWA, you’ll be in the UWA family for life. With all of the above reasons to choose UWA included, you can see why it’s a community that you’ll want to be associated with!
  10. UWA stays connected. You’ll find free Wi-Fi on all corners of UWA’s campus!

Regarding reasons to choose UWA, the list goes on and on. However, we’re confident that once you do become a UWA Tiger—whether as a just-starting college student or retiree seeking personal learning courses—you’ll be thrilled at your decision!

To learn more about UWA Online Continuing Education, visit www.uwa.edu/ce!

*Blog adapted from “Why Choose UWA?” on www.uwa.edu.

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