6 Professional Development Certificates to Get This Fall

professional development certificates

When it comes to securing a high-level position in the workforce, it helps to have the proper credentials to illustrate that you are qualified for the gig. That’s where the University of West Alabama Online’s professional development certificates come in. Each of our online certificate programs allows you to take work-at-your-own-pace, non-credit courses that are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a better employee, manager, administrator or whatever title you currently hold or are vying for. Here, we’ve outlined six professional development certificates that you can take this fall with UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning to bolster your resume and heighten your qualifications.

Business Coaching Certificate 2844

  • About: Learn how to become a better mentor and coach within your organization to improve your leadership skills and be better able to support your employees. Participants will not only learn how to create and implement coaching and mentoring plans in the workplace, but they will learn how to foster a working environment that cultivates positivity and productivity among employees. Topics covered include:
    • The difference between coaching and mentoring
    • Deciding whether you are a mentor or coach
    • Strategies for effective coaching and mentoring
    • Issues in mentoring and coaching
    • Special employee considerations in the workplace and
    • Evaluating coaching and mentoring programs
  • Cost: $295. Register here.

Certificate in Non-Profit Administration 2864

  • About: This course will teach participants how to efficiently run a non-profit in a competitive environment. From revenue generation to staff productivity, this course will cover what you need to know to be successful as a non-profit administrator. Topics covered include:
    • Revenue generation for non-profits and
    • Program evaluation for non-profits
  • Cost: $595. Register here.

Certificate in Project Management 3033

  • About: Defined project management skills can put you on a fast track to promotion within your company. UWA Online’s Certificate in Project Management will show that you are certified to see a project through from plan, to resolution—and cancellation if need be. Topics covered include:
    • Confidently developing and maintaining a project
    • An overview of salaries, certification costs, education and experience requirements
    • The five Project Management Processes relating to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide
    • The 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas and their relationship to the Five Project Management Processes.
  • Cost: $495. Register here.

Management Certificate 2872

  • About: This certificate program is ideal for supervisors, managers and emerging leaders looking to make a positive impact. Participants will learn how to create a solid foundation in the workplace, increase productivity and motivate employees. Topics covered include:
    • Conflict management
    • Negotiation: get what you want and
    • Using personality profiles for better work performance
  • Cost: $595. Register here.

Supervisory & Leadership Certificate 2882

  • About: Whether you are just starting out in a supervisory role or you are an experienced manager, the Supervisory & Leadership Certificate exists to provide practical information for those in leadership positions in the workplace in regard to delegation of tasks, performance evaluations, enhancing efficiency among your team members and more. Topics covered include:
    • The role of the supervisor
    • The four functions of management
    • Delegation and employee engagement
    • Measuring the outcomes of your delegation
    • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of job performance and
    • Writing and delivering performance reviews
  • Cost: $395. Register here.

Presentation Skills Certificate 3073

  • About: Public speaking is a number-one fear for millions of Americans, but being able to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation is a critical skill to have for career success in many employment positions. In the Presentation Skills Certificate course of study, participants will learn how to improve their presentation styles and how to identify the types of people in your audience in order to deliver what they will better respond to. Topics covered include:
    • Using your body, face and hands to improve your presentation style
    • The power of the pause
    • Identifying personality types
    • How to maintain eye contact
    • What to do when your equipment fails and
    • The top 10 things to do before you present
  • Cost: $195. Register here.

By adding one (or more) of these professional development certificates to your resume, you will not only be better able to back up your qualifications, but you will be able to improve what you have to offer in the workplace in the eyes of your employees, coworkers and/or superiors.

To browse our other certificate and course offerings, visit us at www.uwa.edu/ce!

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