Course Spotlight: Substitute Teacher Preparation 1155

Substitute Teacher Preparation

As a substitute teacher, you typically have some big shoes to fill in the eyes of your temporary students. Securing student respect and coming prepared with a portfolio full of ideas is what you need to achieve success as a substitute, and you’ll learn how to do all of that and more in Substitute Teacher Preparation 1155—a course administered by the University of West Alabama Online Continuing Education.

Your goal as a substitute should not only be making a positive first impression, but a lasting impression that will have teachers calling you back time and time again. In Substitute Teacher Preparation 1155, you will learn tasks such as developing a sub notebook, understanding classroom management, developing innovative lesson plans and using your own portfolio to assist in teaching, among other undertakings.

This one-month course is divided into the following four sections:

Unit 1: The New Role of a Substitute

  • The job and duties of a substitute today
  • Classroom management, class rules and room layout
  • Teaching as a substitute
  • Portfolio lesson plans, standards and your sub notebook

Unit 2: Class Rules

  • Existing classroom rules and your own classroom rules
  • Dealing with discipline and behavior on your own
  • When you need to get assistance

Unit 3: Teaching as a Substitute

  • Lesson plans, standards and your sub notebook
  • Reading, understanding and writing a lesson plan
  • Strategies for ESOL and ESE

Unit 4: Developing Your Portfolio

  • Classroom rules
  • Lesson plans for various levels (elementary, middle and high school) to core standards
  • Your sub notebook and data sheet

By the end of this course, participants will know what is expected of a successful substitute teacher, have ideas about how they can benefit the schools where they work and be able to develop a portfolio containing classroom rules, bell ringers, lesson plans and a lesson plan template.

Avoid being the substitute that ends up subject to student slacking and disrespect. Be prepared for your next substitute teaching job with Substitute Teacher Preparation 1155 through UWA Online Continuing Education!

This course is being offered March 6 through 31 and June 5 through 30. To register for this class, or to see other UWA Online Continuing Education course offerings, visit!

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