Course Spotlight: Getting Started in Sales 3060

getting started in sales

In the world of sales, volume is everything when it comes to making money. If you are starting a career in sales—or are already a salesperson looking to increase your sales volume, “Getting Started in Sales 3060,” a continuing education course through UWA Online, could provide the boost you need.

In Getting Started in Sales 3060, participants will focus on the basic steps involved in achieving successful sales numbers—from the process of obtaining potential clients and customers to actually carrying a sale through to fruition. This course is for sales people of all skill levels—from beginners starting out fresh to seasoned professionals looking to get back in touch with the basics. This one-month course is divided into the following four units:

Unit 1: The Basics of Selling

  • Understanding why people buy
  • Discovering the six steps in making a sale
  • Exploring how to set goals
  • Learning to deal with rejection

Unit 2: Finding, Identifying and Contacting Targeted Sales Leads

  • Learning how to prospect for new leads
  • Understanding how to make contact and create interest with leads
  • Exploring different outreach and follow up techniques
  • Discovering ways of staying motivated

Unit 3: Creating and Managing a Sales Pipeline

  • Identifying and labeling stages in your sales pipeline
  • Learning about different CRM tools for your sales pipeline
  • Setting up a basic sales pipeline
  • Understanding how to manage your sales funnel

Unit 4: Asking for the Sale and Keeping the Sale Closed

  • Discovering concepts of creating a preference
  • Learning different closing techniques to ask for the sale
  • Practicing asking for the sale
  • Understanding how to keep the sale closed

By the end of Getting Started in Sales 3030, those who successfully complete the course will be comfortable with prospecting for new customers, will be equipped with new and inventive strategies to intrigue sales prospects and will have mastered the art of keeping the sale closed, among other achievements.

The instructor for this course is Tim Street, an American writer, producer and director who has been lauded by CNN, The Toronto Star and Wired News for his work with web television. Getting Started in Sales 3060 is being offered July 3 through 29 and October 2-27, 2017!

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