Course Spotlight: Gender in the Classroom 1240

As with most everything in life, men and women are different when it comes to learning in a classroom setting.

In general, boys get lower grades than girls, girls waste 30% of their study time, boys do less homework than girls, and girls pick up a common five learning habits that end up hurting them in the work place.

In Gender in the Classroom 1240, you will study how girls learn versus boys. Not only will you be able to detect the differences in how the genders learn, but you will be able to take away tips catered to each specific gender guiding them how to succeed.

One of three courses that counts toward a Certificate in Learning Styles, Gender in the Classroom 1240 is a four-week course divided into four units.

Unit 1 will cover:

  • The brain and gender differences
  • The brain and learning
  • The female brain
  • The male brain
  • A summary of neurological and hormonal differences

In Unit 2, topics will include:

  • Helping girls learn more
  • How girls learn
  • Classroom techniques and activities that help girls learn
  • Helping girls with spatial skills and STEM
  • The 10 strategies for helping girls learn more

Similarly, the third unit will cover:

  • Helping boys learn more
  • How boys learn
  • Classroom techniques and activities that help boys learn
  • Helping boys with language skills
  • The 10 strategies for helping boys learn more

In the last unit, students will learn about:

  • Helping both girls and boys succeed more
  • Helping girls succeed in the workplace
  • Helping boys succeed with college
  • Grading learning and knowledge
  • Gender neutral grading

By the end of the course, participants should be able to employ successful teaching techniques to facilitate learning for both female and male students!

Gender in the Classroom 1240 is being offered March 6-31 and June 5-30!

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