Course Spotlight: Better Bow Hunting 3443

bow hunting

A continuing education course about bow hunting? Why not?! Bow hunting ranks higher today in participation than almost any other form of hunting—besides whitetail gun hunting. In Better Bow Hunting 3443—an online continuing education course through UWA Online, participants will learn helpful tips and strategies for successful bow hunting and the skills they need to know to get the most out of their equipment.

Better Bow Hunting 3443 will teach students specific information about high-performance gear, give shooting advice, explain bow hunting techniques and other useful information for staying on top of their game while in the archery field. This independent-study course will feature real-life situations and give bow hunters the push they need to hone their bow hunting skills.

This course is divided into the following four modules:

Module 1: Basics of Bow Hunting to Broadheads

  • Why you need a 40-yard pin
  • Long shots vs. flyers
  • Five reasons we miss slam-dunks
  • Shoot a heavy arrow
  • Broadhead targets

Module 2: Safety Basics and Design

  • Field repairs can save your hunt
  • Craft shooting lanes for success
  • No excuses—wear a harness!
  • Is your broadhead too light?
  • Short broadheads: pros and cons

Module 3: Choosing the Right Pieces

  • Rangefinders: beyond the basics
  • Choosing a release for string loops
  • Examining modern split-limb bows
  • Should you shoot a shorter vane?
  • Silence is golden…and cheap

Module 4: Perfecting Your Bow-and-Arrow Setup

  • Set your sights on simplicity
  • Why brace height matters
  • The practical little bow peep
  • You can build a better arrow
  • It’s all about the string


The tuition for this course is $195. As an independent-study, for Better Bow Hunting 3343 students will be provided the online materials needed to complete the course. A student helpdesk will be available for technical support throughout the enrollment period. Registration closes on Friday, December 15, 2017.

Sharpen your bow hunting skills with UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning today! Click here to register for this course, or visit to browse our other course offerings.


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