7 Qualities of a Successful Online Student

The flexibility allowed with online learning is one of its greatest assets compared to attending an on-campus class; however, with the freedom to complete tasks according to your own schedule in an online course comes the responsibility to make sure you stick to it.

Another big difference between on-campus courses and online courses is the face-to-face interaction versus a web-based interaction. Some people may thrive on the more independent nature of an online class, while others crave the in-person interaction.

Knowing certain qualities about yourself is critical to deciding whether or not an online course is right for you. Here, we have outlined a few qualities that would be ideal to have in order to achieve success as an online student.

  • You feel comfortable learning independently. While you will interact with your professors and other students taking the course online, these interactions are not as immediate as they are with on-campus classes. You should be OK with the fact that you cannot just raise your hand and ask a question; rather, you may have to wait for an emailed reply.
  • You are self-disciplined and goal oriented. To be successful in an online course, you need not be a procrastinator. Online courses move quickly, and often professors will not let students make up assignments or discussions in these courses.
  • You can stick to a schedule. Part of being successful in an online course is being organized. In order to make sure that you achieve your goals, you need to allot a specified time each day to working on your online assignments, and stick to the schedule you set.
  • You possess basic computer skills. The computer and internet are your most important tools when taking an online course because they make it all possible. Basic skills include sending and receiving emails with attachments, cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word and communicating with your classmates via discussion threads.
  • You are a capable reader. Most online classes weigh heavily on reading-based assignments. Students are expected to learn information from tests and online materials and apply assigned work to what they read.
  • You are able to meet deadlines. Meeting deadlines is part of any class, but online courses are typically shorter, with more assignments due in a smaller time frame. If you can’t meet deadlines for classroom discussions, group activities and assignments, you will not be successful.
  • You are patient. Online courses rely on technology, and we all know that sometimes technology can pose problems that feel out of our control. If your computer crashes, you need to be able to stay calm and find an alternative solution, such as using a friend’s computer or going to the library to complete an assignment.

The virtual classroom environment can be an efficient and enriching place to be if you embrace what it has to offer and do not expect it to be the same as learning in a brick and mortar location. As long as you keep your end goals in mind, you should be quick to find success in the world of online learning!

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