5 Benefits of Continuing Education for Teachers

In the past, going to school for four years and then proceeding into the workforce was the typical pattern for people transitioning from their learning years into their careers.

But in reality, we should never stop learning. And that fact becomes even more relevant when it comes to the teaching profession.

Continuing education credits for teachers have not only become strongly recommended, but they are sometimes mandatory when continuing a career as an educator.

Whether continuing education is a choice for you as a teacher or whether it is required, here are five benefits you can look forward to gleaning from your continuing education coursework.

  • You can hone your existing skills. Earning CEUs is a great way to revisit topics you have studied in the past and refresh yourself on them. Studying them now after time has passed may allow you to view them from an all-new perspective.
  • You can earn new skills. When you learn new skills, it means your students will learn new skills. Every extra investment you make in your own education is an added investment in your students’ education.
  • You can learn how to adapt to new technology. The classroom is an ever-changing environment as technology advances on a daily basis. It is critical that teachers stay up-to-date on the latest technology being used in the classroom. You not only owe it to yourself, but to your students!
  • Your career will benefit. This is obvious if you are fulfilling requirements, but also if you are voluntarily pursuing CEU’s, it reveals your motivation to invest in your career and to be able to better serve your students.
  • You can expand your network. Even if you are taking CEU courses online, you will have the ability to interact with and bounce ideas off of your colleagues and your own professors. It always helps to surround yourself with people who maintain similar passions as you.

In any profession, it’s important to challenge yourself to continue learning throughout your career! Industries across the board are consistently evolving, and in order to keep up with the latest technology, information and methods, continued learning becomes necessary.

In teaching especially, standing still can not only hurt you, but it can damage the learners who are seeking enrichment from you. Keep yourself and your students sharp by seeking out a continuing education program that suits your needs.

At UWA Online, our course offerings cover a broad range of topics specific to those in the teaching profession. The great thing about entering an online learning program is that you can do it from anywhere you have an internet connection!

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