10 Computer Skills Employers Want You to Know

We live in an increasingly technological world, and even if your dream job is not rooted in computers, there are a few essential computer skills that you should have a firm grasp on regardless of what you are doing. Your competence with computers makes you more marketable as an employee and assures employers that you […]

Course Spotlight: Instagram for Business 1164

Instagram may be one of your go-to apps on your smart phone’s home screen, and you may post pictures of yourself, your dog and/or what you had for lunch on a regular basis. However, using Instagram on a personal level—even very frequently—does not automatically make you an expert on all aspects of the app, such […]

Is Continuing Education Right For Me? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

As human beings, we should never stop learning. Not only can learning enrich our lives throughout our lifetimes, but it can also open doors to career opportunities beyond the scope of the degree we earned in high school or college. For some people, a career advancement is the main incentive for continuing education. For others, […]

Strengthening Educational Bonds With the Rural Schools Collaborative

Rural public education has in the past and currently faces its share of challenges, but one national group is striving to help overcome the hurdles that rural schools are facing. The University of West Alabama College of Education is an active partner of the Rural Schools Collaborative. The Rural Schools Collaborative is a non-profit organization […]

Course Spotlight: Conflict Management 1211

Conflict is an inevitable part of life, especially in the workplace. However, knowing how to successfully manage conflict is a skill that can prove invaluable to overcoming bumps in the road in an effort to stay on track toward your company’s end goal. It has been proven that effective conflict management skills positively correlate to […]

5 Benefits of Continuing Education for Teachers

In the past, going to school for four years and then proceeding into the workforce was the typical pattern for people transitioning from their learning years into their careers. But in reality, we should never stop learning. And that fact becomes even more relevant when it comes to the teaching profession. Continuing education credits for […]