Continuing Education

Course Spotlight: Cash is King 1190

As most of us know, cash is key to a business’ success! In fact, it has been reported that 90% of all small business failures happen due to poor cash flow—meaning the business is spending more than it is bringing in. In “Cash is King 1190,” required to earn an Entrepreneurial Finance Certificate, students will […]

Why Graduate School Pays Off

In today’s work climate, it’s not uncommon to question whether or not it’s worth it to pursue higher education beyond an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The cost of higher education continues to grow, and during the recent economic recession, some with master’s degrees were struggling to find work because they were actually overqualified for the […]

3 UWA Online Programs Receive Top Rankings for Affordability

At the University of West Alabama, we pride ourselves on being available and accessible to not only our entire region, but to anywhere with an internet connection through our online programs. Recently, UWA Online’s accessibility was recognized on a national scale in terms of being one of the most affordable collegiate online programs in the […]

Going Green in Your Career: A Look at Renewable Energy Jobs

At UWA Online, we are excited to offer continuing education opportunities focusing on green and renewable energy—programs that promise to put our online students on the cutting edge of the latest innovations in energy use. Over the course of the 21st century thus far, we have realized that renewable energy should not just remain a […]

Finish Working and Keep Learning: Taking Classes in Retirement

Now that you’ve said farewell to your years of working full-time, your task now is to decide—how will I spend my retirement? One popular option for seniors today is to spend their retirement going back to school—to embrace the idea of lifelong learning in an effort to keep their minds sharp, indulge in interesting topics […]

UWA Through the Decades

The University of West Alabama’s Livingston campus fosters a rich history dating back to the early 1800s when the school was established as an all-female academy. Many of the students who walk the campus and who are enrolled in UWA’s online courses are likely unaware of how UWA’s roots where established. Learning about your university […]