Continuing Education

Millennials are Craving Continuing Education

Characterized as being the first born into the digital world dominated by internet and social media, millennials—those born between 1982 and 2004—are thus far the largest defined generation in American history. Also known as “Generation Y,” millennials are also the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in history and are dubbed as being more progressive-minded […]

A UWA Continuing Education Course Costs Less Than These 8 Things

When deciding whether or not to go back to school, some people may shy away from doing so simply from a financial standpoint. One great thing about pursuing continuing education through the University of West Alabama Online is that it is cost effective. Most UWA Online continuing education courses only cost between $195 and $495.* […]

Course Spotlight: Introduction to Game Design 1242

We all know that people play games for entertainment, but did you know that they can also have practical applications for businesses? In Introduction to Game Design, students will not only learn the ins and outs of the design and development of video games, but will particularly focus on games that are used beyond consumer […]

What You Can do With a Culinary and Hospitality Education

Are you considering earning a certification to help you toward a successful career in the culinary or hospitality field? UWA Online’s new Continuing Education program has courses that can help you achieve your culinary and hospitality-related career goals. So what exactly can you do with a culinary and hospitality education? Here are a few viable […]

Discovering the Culture of Alabama’s Black Belt Region

Livingston and Sumter County are part of Alabama’s Black Belt Region—an area names for its rich soil and honored for its rich culture. The Black Belt encompasses between 12 and 23 counties (depending on context) that cross the state in central and southern Alabama. Named for its dark, rich soils, Alabama’s Black Belt is part […]

Course Spotlight: Gender in the Classroom 1240

As with most everything in life, men and women are different when it comes to learning in a classroom setting. In general, boys get lower grades than girls, girls waste 30% of their study time, boys do less homework than girls, and girls pick up a common five learning habits that end up hurting them […]

Can Lifelong Learning Improve Our Minds as we Age?

As we age, many of us try to keep our minds sharp by reading, painting or even completing crosswords or playing Sudoku. Looking for a new way to keep your mind active? Add lifelong learning to this list. Instead of ending education at a young age, lifelong learning involves continuing education throughout one’s lifetime—whether learning […]

Where to Play Outside in Livingston

Lately the weather has been acting less like winter and more like mid-spring, so while we typically might be cooped up inside during the month of January, 2017 has proved to be playing by different rules so far. If you’re bummed that winter isn’t giving you the opportunity to don your new jacket, scarf and […]

Course Spotlight: Designing Successful Webinars 1169

Relying on what technology has to offer, we can now disseminate more information to more people at any given time. Such is the case when it comes to a webinar. Webinars are a meeting format that can save money and have a broader reach than in-person meetings. They can be used for employee or customer […]

Report Reveals That Solar Energy is Now Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

In UWA Online’s Continuing Education program, you can take classes to set yourself up for a successful career in green and renewable energy careers. If you’ve been considering a career in green and renewable energy, take note that a report published this month showed that in many parts of the world, solar energy is now […]