Continuing Education

The Equipment You Will Need for eLearning

For some students, part of the excitement that coincides with the “back to school” time of year is getting to go shopping for new school supplies—from books and binders to pens and paper. The appeal is starting the school year fresh with a new arsenal of tools in tow. For eLearning, which relates to courses, […]

Course Spotlight: Negotiation: Get What You Want 1212

With a class titled “get what you want,” how could you go wrong? Whether you realize it or not, negotiation is a skill that comes into play in our everyday lives—and especially in the world of business. Negotiation is about being able to balance what you want and need with the wants and needs of […]

What Is ELearning, and How Can It Help Me?

Email, ecommerce, ebusiness—what do they all have in common? Obviously, they all start with “e,” but that letter signifies their common ground—that they are electronically based. The same goes for eLearning. By definition, eLearning is learning that uses electronic technologies to access an educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. The “learning” described could be […]

Course Spotlight: Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers 1182

Financial information drives decision making in an array of different aspects in the business world. In Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers 1182, course participants will earn an understanding of the financial concepts and accounting processes that most businesses use, including the seven steps in the accounting cycle. In exposing these fundamental concepts and processes […]

Sharpen Your Life Skills with These 10 Continuing Ed Courses

The traditional model has been that we go to school from the time we are about 5-years-old until we are 18—and for some people, beyond—and then we go to work. But how can we expect to learn everything we need to know about life in just those 12-plus years? That’s where continuing education comes in. […]

Revisiting Education in Retirement

Ideally, retirement is a time for you to reinvent yourself and to be able to pursue the interests and activities that would have been impossible to take on while having a full time job. With free time in retirement, you can travel, learn a language or take on a hobby that has always piqued your […]

UWA and Soggy Bottom Lodge to Host Benefit Skeet Shoot March 10

On Friday, clay discs will fly in the air not just for fun, but to help fund travel and equipment expenses for The University of West Alabama’s student athletes. UWA has partnered with Soggy Bottom Lodge, a hunting resort in Marengo County featuring deer, duck and quail hunting, bass fishing and skeet shooting, to host […]

Why Learn Law If You Are Not a Lawyer

It happens more often than you might think. Students will find themselves studying law, but in the process they will decide that they ultimately do not want to be a lawyer. Does that mean calling it quits for law-related courses right then and there? Not necessarily. There are reasons why it could benefit you to […]

Course Spotlight: Revenue Generation for Nonprofits 1184

Do you currently operate a nonprofit, or have you been thinking about starting one? Revenue generation for nonprofits is critical to the organization and the support of its programs, but the methods to obtain revenue are not always so cut and dry. Through the University of West Alabama Online’s Continuing Education program, you can earn […]

Course Spotlight: Substitute Teacher Preparation 1155

As a substitute teacher, you typically have some big shoes to fill in the eyes of your temporary students. Securing student respect and coming prepared with a portfolio full of ideas is what you need to achieve success as a substitute, and you’ll learn how to do all of that and more in Substitute Teacher […]