A UWA Continuing Education Course Costs Less Than These 8 Things

When deciding whether or not to go back to school, some people may shy away from doing so simply from a financial standpoint. One great thing about pursuing continuing education through the University of West Alabama Online is that it is cost effective. Most UWA Online continuing education courses only cost between $195 and $495.* […]

A Look at UWA’s Lake LU

Since Alabama’s winter has been unseasonably warm, we’ve had more opportunities lately to get outside and enjoy it. If you are a UWA student, a resident of Sumter County or someone just looking for a day trip, consider checking out Lake LU on the University of West Alabama’s campus. Opened in 1976, Lake LU is […]

Course Spotlight: Introduction to Game Design 1242

We all know that people play games for entertainment, but did you know that they can also have practical applications for businesses? In Introduction to Game Design, students will not only learn the ins and outs of the design and development of video games, but will particularly focus on games that are used beyond consumer […]

Is Continuing Education Right For Me? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

As human beings, we should never stop learning. Not only can learning enrich our lives throughout our lifetimes, but it can also open doors to career opportunities beyond the scope of the degree we earned in high school or college. For some people, a career advancement is the main incentive for continuing education. For others, […]

Strengthening Educational Bonds With the Rural Schools Collaborative

Rural public education has in the past and currently faces its share of challenges, but one national group is striving to help overcome the hurdles that rural schools are facing. The University of West Alabama College of Education is an active partner of the Rural Schools Collaborative. The Rural Schools Collaborative is a non-profit organization […]

Course Spotlight: Introduction to 3D Printing 1241

Also referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing boasts a long list of applications that have the potential to revolutionize the world in terms of industry, art, education and research and even the legal system. In “Introduction to 3D Printing 1241,” students will learn what 3D printing can be used for and how to implement […]

What You Can do With a Culinary and Hospitality Education

Are you considering earning a certification to help you toward a successful career in the culinary or hospitality field? UWA Online’s new Continuing Education program has courses that can help you achieve your culinary and hospitality-related career goals. So what exactly can you do with a culinary and hospitality education? Here are a few viable […]

Discovering the Culture of Alabama’s Black Belt Region

Livingston and Sumter County are part of Alabama’s Black Belt Region—an area names for its rich soil and honored for its rich culture. The Black Belt encompasses between 12 and 23 counties (depending on context) that cross the state in central and southern Alabama. Named for its dark, rich soils, Alabama’s Black Belt is part […]

Course Spotlight: Gender in the Classroom 1240

As with most everything in life, men and women are different when it comes to learning in a classroom setting. In general, boys get lower grades than girls, girls waste 30% of their study time, boys do less homework than girls, and girls pick up a common five learning habits that end up hurting them […]