Sharpen Your Life Skills with These 10 Continuing Ed Courses

sharpen your life skills

The traditional model has been that we go to school from the time we are about 5-years-old until we are 18—and for some people, beyond—and then we go to work. But how can we expect to learn everything we need to know about life in just those 12-plus years? That’s where continuing education comes in. We believe that you should never stop learning, and that sometimes we need to go beyond what we learn from everyday life to achieve that. At the University of West Alabama Online, our Continuing Education program offers a variety of non-credit courses that serve to sharpen your life skills across a range of topics. These courses are open to anyone, anywhere with access to an internet connection!

Online courses give you the flexibility to learn according to your own schedule. Pick up one of these UWA Online Continuing Education Courses to sharpen your life skills and keep your brain stimulated no matter what age you are!

  • Identity Theft 1263: Learn how to securely organize your Personal Identifiable Information. Be able to recognize different types of identity theft and cyber security threats and have the knowledge to design and adopt practices to defend against fraud.


  • Customer Service Leadership 1275: Learn how to identify and improve the key processes of customer service and how to lead a customer service team toward achieving the best results.


  • Career Preparation 1237: Learn how to connect with professionals one-on-one who are working in your field of interest. Acquire skills involved in career planning and decision making, resume and cover letter writing and job searching.


  • Mastering Computer Skills for the Workplace 1213: Learn the basics of and gain confidence using Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook and know how they can be integrated for use with one another.


  • Retire Rich: Smart Retirement Steps for 20- and 30-Somethings 1269: Learn what you can do now to be able to retire rich, including smart investing, healthy financial habits and key educational information that is not taught in school.


  • Developing Your Leadership Skills 1179: Learn what it takes to be an effective leader and gain an understanding of the characteristics, skills and qualities effective leaders possess. Be able to influence others and advance an idea by leading a meeting that concludes with successful outcomes.


  • Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace 1260: Learn how to recognize your own communication style and the effect it has on others in the workplace. Be able to adapt your communication style and apply skills that facilitate respect in workplace interactions.


  • New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity and Time Management 1187: Learn how to assess and evaluate time and productivity of yourself and others and how to improve time management and productivity. Use goal setting, planning and action strategies to improve productivity, and know how to manage others’ time and productivity in a work setting.


  • Stress Management: Learn how to better identify how stress affects you and how your thoughts and beliefs help or hinder your stress levels. Gain knowledge about how to use existing activities and create your own activities to help you reduce your stress.


  • Creative Problem Solving 1158: Lean how to better recognize a problem and use a five stage problem solving model to find a solution. Use critical and creative thinking techniques to help with problem solving and apply decision making models to determine factors that influence individual and group decision-making processes.


You can register for any one, or several of these UWA Online Continuing Education courses that will sharpen your life skills by visiting!

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