Making Yourself More Marketable

If you are staying stagnant in your career, it’s time to make a move toward better opportunities.

Perhaps you have hit a roadblock in advancement and you are unable to progress any further in your current job situation. Maybe you do have opportunities to advance, but you are simply feeling unfulfilled with the specific work you are doing.

One of the most significant benefits of continuing education is the opportunity to continuously make yourself more marketable to potential employers. Every additional certification that you earn via continuing education courses is another plus to add to your resume and another form of proof that your skill set qualifies you to complete various tasks successfully.

Employers are more likely to take your abilities seriously if they are backed up by a degree or certification. For example, if you simply tell a potential employer that you have extensive experience in social media marketing, he or she may not always take your word for it. Having a Social Media for Business Certificate, on the other hand, proves that you spent time learning how to use social media to market a business and that you were driven enough to complete the course of study.

Just like a product appeals to more consumers if it has the ability to perform functions that many consumers need, as a working person you will appeal to more employers if you possess the ability to perform the various functions that they need.

At University of West Alabama Online, you can take the steps necessary to make yourself more marketable by enrolling in one of our continuing education programs. We will be relaunching our online program with all-new course and certificate offerings starting Jan. 9, 2017! Continue to follow this blog and our social media channels for updates! For more information, call us at 205-652-5110 or email us at [email protected]! #UWAOnline #UWA #ContinuingEducation #MakeYourselfMarketable

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