Keeping Up With Industry Trends

The world is constantly changing. Even as you are reading this, change has occurred in billions of ways all over the world—so much so that it is difficult, if not impossible, to fathom.

In the working world, change is likewise inevitable, and part of being a qualified, valuable employee is staying up-to-date with changes in your respective field or industry.

For example, whereas newspaper reporters once used pen and paper to write down their stories and ink and newsprint to print them, today most consumers obtain the news digitally, such as on apps and social media—where news can be obtained instantaneously. This has changed the job of the reporter and has caused the reporter to have to adapt to this expectation of immediacy when delivering the news.

A degree that you earned 20 years ago—or even 10 years ago—may not be as relevant as one you earn today. Hiring managers are going to seek those with the most current knowledge under their belts.

That’s where continuing education comes in. Continuing education offers a way to revitalize your existing knowledge base, improve upon what you already know and add to that with the latest and most cutting-edge information your field has to offer.

Learning should never stop. If you already have a degree, you should treat that degree as a foundation for the knowledge upon which you will build the rest of your career—but you should never settle for basic or say that “you know all that there is to know” about a subject.

In addition to becoming involved in a continuing education program, other ways to maintain your career relevancy by keeping up with industry trends include attending conferences and seminars, joining forums and discussion boards and networking with others in your field.

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