Course Spotlight: Strategic Selling with Social Media 1271

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Social media is a tool that today’s entrepreneurs should take full advantage of. It serves as an organic way to expose your product or services to a large audience at low to no cost. In Strategic Selling with Social Media 1271, participants will learn to leverage powerful social media sales solutions to help save time, money and make money throughout a sales cycle.

Whether you are already a successful sales person or whether you are new to the sales profession, Strategic Selling with Social Media will enable students to discover new ways to motivate and connect with potential customers. This one-month course is divided into the following four units:

Unit 1: Social Media in the Sales Process

  • An introduction to the 3Cs of the social media selling model: connect, convert and continue
  • An overview of relevant social media tools and their user demographics
  • Choosing the best social media platforms to achieve your unique sales objectives

Unit 2: Strategic Referrals

  • Building a powerful professional network online
  • Leveraging hidden features of LinkedIn to get introduced to new leads
  • Generating referrals strategically though social media

Unit 3: Closing the Deal

  • Discovering a prospect’s preferred communication style before you meet
  • Uncovering buying motivations and hot buttons
  • Shortening the sales cycle by building trust online

Unit 4: Selling While You Sleep

  • Monitoring existing customers online to identify new sales opportunities
  • Staying front-of-mind with customers and prospects
  • Establishing automated systems to generate new leads

By the end of the course, participants of Strategic Selling with Social Media 1271 should feel enabled to sell 24 hours a day (including in their sleep!), earn more referrals minus fear of rejection, create more sales opportunities and close more sales in a shorter time using social media. The course will reveal hidden features of social media that can be useful to sales persons and explore the ins and outs of social media as a tool to be used to sales peoples’ advantage.

The course is being offered April 3 through 29 and June 5 through 30. This is one of three courses required to earn a Certificate in Sales through the University of West Alabama Online.

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