Course Spotlight: Negotiation: Get What You Want 1212


With a class titled “get what you want,” how could you go wrong? Whether you realize it or not, negotiation is a skill that comes into play in our everyday lives—and especially in the world of business. Negotiation is about being able to balance what you want and need with the wants and needs of others—and using that knowledge to improve your chances of achieving personal success.

In Negotiation: Get What You Want 1212, students will work with a professional negotiator to learn how to plan, implement and win the bargaining process. The course will give participants the confidence they need to be able to make deals that will grow their professional networks as well as set them up for personal triumphs. The one-month course is divided into the follow four units:

Unit 1: Introduction to the Negotiation

  • Your natural bargaining style and how you can strengthen it
  • Understanding winning—the hallmarks of a successful negotiation
  • The steps to planning a successful bargaining process
  • Knowing your power source
  • Balancing firmness and flexibility

Unit 2: Option Building and Boundary Setting

  • Creating goals and priorities in the deal
  • Creating bargaining boundaries
  • How to build your options
  • How to create better options for your opponent without giving away what you value

Unit 3: Managing the Negotiating Process

  • Managing yourself
  • Managing the other side
  • Managing relationships
  • Managing communication

Unit 4: Black Belt Skills

  • Planning to give more and get more
  • Developing a BATNA and knowing when to employ it
  • Crafting the agreements and commitments
  • Diverting tricky tactics and attempts at dirty dealing

By the end of this course, participants will be able to plan and implement a successful bargaining strategy, recognize and remedy pressure tactics and other actions experienced negotiators may take against you, and create alternative strategies when a deal falls through. They will possess the knowledge to expand negotiation options and foster positive relationships while meeting the needs of themselves and others. Negotiation: Get What You Want 1212 is being offered June 5 through 30 and September 5 through 29! It is one of three courses required to earn a Certificate in Workplace Communication from UWA Online!

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