Course Spotlight: Instagram for Business 1164

Instagram may be one of your go-to apps on your smart phone’s home screen, and you may post pictures of yourself, your dog and/or what you had for lunch on a regular basis. However, using Instagram on a personal level—even very frequently—does not automatically make you an expert on all aspects of the app, such as using Instagram for business purposes.

In UWA Online Continuing Education’s course “Instagram for Business 1164,” participants will learn exactly how to use the mobile-based photography app to a business’ advantage in generating consumers. Instagram currently has more than 100 million users, and using the app to connect to even a small demographic of those users could be game-changing in terms of growing your business.

Instagram for Business 1164 will explore topics such as making hashtags work for you, keeping followers happy and even the do’s and don’ts of using Instagram. The four-week course is divided up into the following four units:

Unit 1: Setting up for Success

  • Basic functions of Instagram, including tips on shooting photos using the Instagram app
  • How to edit and enhance photos taken with Instagram
  • Forming a voice for an Instagram account in alignment with your overall marketing and business goals
  • Getting the attention of your target audience
  • Building a strong social plan to reach your goals
  • Case studies of commercial and individual Instagram accounts

Unit 2: Creative Content

  • Telling the story through pictures
  • Types of photos to post—your own and others
  • Exploring photo challenges
  • The perfect giveaway formula
  • Creative ways businesses are using Instagram

Unit 3: Engaging and Building Your Community

  • Spotlight on your community and others
  • How small input can cause exponential growth
  • How to make hashtags work for you
  • Starting your own hashtags with purpose
  • Business case studies and best practices for community engagement

Unit 4: Dos and Don’ts of Instagram and Must-Have Photo Apps

  • Insta-etiquette
  • The importance of measuring success and how to move forward based on data collected
  • Photo apps for easy and flawless mobile editing
  • Photo apps for creation and making visually-appealing images on the go

By the end of the course, students will be able to set up and perform the basic functions necessary to make an Instagram account succeed, know how to creatively build and engage and audience and be able to create and execute a content creation plan, among other achievements.

Instagram for Business 1164 is being offered April 3-28 or June 5-30! The cost for this 16-hour course is $195.

To sign up for this or other courses through UWA Online Continuing Education, visit!

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