Course Spotlight: Google Analytics 1219

Google Analytics

As a business, you can’t track how many people watch your television commercial—but you can track how many people visit your website. Welcome to the world of web analytics—and specifically, Google Analytics.

Google Analytics 1219 is a course designed for the non-technical user and will focus on fundamental web analytics techniques using the world standard—Google Analytics, which is a free online tool. Course participants will gain a better understanding of a website’s traffic, learn how to calculate return on investment for web advertising and get insight into converting website visitors into tangible sales volume.

This one-month course is divided into the following four units:

Unit 1: Key Analytics

  • Importance of tracking your website
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Installing Google Analytics to your site
  • Learning from visual analytics
  • Key analytics you should be reviewing weekly

Unit 2: Understanding Your Website Visitors

  • Understanding your website traffic
  • Understanding your visitors
  • Turning visitor traffic into profit
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) primer
  • Understanding search engine traffic
  • Determining high value keywords for SEO

Unit 3: Key Techniques

  • Creating and using goals
  • How to build an abandonment funnel
  • Optimizing your site based on funnel feedback
  • Creating and using campaign tracking

Unit 4: eCommerce and ROI

  • eCommerce tracking
  • Calculating ROI from online advertising
  • Custom reporting
  • Creating and using advanced segments
  • How to track across multiple domains
  • How to become a Google Analytics Certified Partner

By the end of the course, students who have successfully completed Google Analytics 1219 should have a general understanding of web statistics and search engine optimization, will feel comfortable installing and using Google Analytics and will be able to use the information collected to enhance a website’s ROI. Google Analytics 1219, which is one of three course required to earn a Certificate in Google Tools from the University of West Alabama Online, is being offered June 5 through 30 and September 5 through 29!

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