Course Spotlight: Designing Successful Webinars 1169

Relying on what technology has to offer, we can now disseminate more information to more people at any given time. Such is the case when it comes to a webinar.

Webinars are a meeting format that can save money and have a broader reach than in-person meetings. They can be used for employee or customer education, presentations, training, entertainment and more.

In “Designing Successful Webinars 1169,” participants will learn how to compose a productive webinar for a business or organization. They will also obtain tips and technique for making a more creative and engaging production that is informative and enjoyable to viewers.

The four-week course will be divided into four units.

In the first unit, “Keys to Successful Webinars,” students will learn:

  • What your participants want in a webinar
  • How to choose the right format for your program
  • How to choose the right length for your webinar

In Unit 2, “Effective Slides and Presentation,” students will learn:

  • Techniques for webinars
  • The four keys to a successful webinar presentation
  • The five best webinar presentation techniques
  • Making slides powerful and visual
  • Timing your speaking, what to say when and for how long
  • Voice techniques to keep your listeners interested

In the third unit, “Involving Your Webinar Participants,” the course will focus on:

  • How to schedule and initiate questions
  • Selecting questions to read
  • How to respond to questions
  • Using polls

In the fourth unit, “’Preparing and Evaluating Webinar Presenters,” students will learn about:

  • Choosing presenters—who to pick and who not to pick
  • Ways to train presenters
  • How to prepare your presenters
  • Evaluating your webinar success

By the end of the course, you will not only be able to design a successful webinar, but you will also be able to train instructors on how to lead a webinar and provide expertise to those already using webinars.

Designing Successful Webinars is one of two courses you can take toward earning a Certificate in Designing Webinars! This course will be available March 6-31, May 1-26 and July 3-28.

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