Course Spotlight: Become Confident and Assertive 3341

become confident and assertive

You may have the qualifications for a job to boot, but being successful in the career world—and in life in general—involves exhibiting confidence in all that you do. If you feel that you are lacking skills associated with self-assurance either professionally, personally or both, the course Become Confident and Assertive 3341, offered by UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning, can make a difference.

In Become Confident and Assertive 3341, participants will learn how to feel more in control of their lives by displaying confidence that will help them to improve relationships, advance their careers and earn respect from not only supervisors and colleagues, but friends and family members. This independent-study course is divided into the following four modules:

Module 1: How Do You See Yourself?

  • What do employees want?
  • Unleashing productivity
  • Balancing work and life
  • Embracing diversity
  • Tools for turning the tables at work

Module 2: How Do Others See You?

  • Being assertive at home
  • Body language
  • Walk the walk
  • Talk the talk
  • Parenting children
  • Reversing roles

Module 3: Making it Work

  • Difficult co-workers
  • Asking for a raise
  • Assertive buying
  • Communicating assertively
  • Communicating with authority

Module 4: Raising Assertive Children

  • Myths about assertive behavior
  • Measuring your success
  • Making the transition
  • Assertive children
  • The line between assertiveness and aggression

By the end of Become Confident and Assertive 3341, participants should feel better-equipped to assert themselves in difficult situations that arise both at home and in the workplace, empowering them to become more successful in both arenas.

As an independent study course, Become Confident and Assertive 3341 will give students all of the resources needed to successfully complete the course with online material. A student helpdesk will be available for technical support throughout enrollment. Tuition for this course is $195, and registration is open through Dec. 15, 2017.

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