Certificate Spotlight: Travel Agent Training 3237

Whether it’s to an exotic destination across an ocean or a landmark across a state line, traveling is something that keeps many of us sane. Its ability to break up our daily routines and open our eyes to new people, places and things is what makes it so desirable. That being said, travel and tourism […]

10 Festive Facts About Fireworks

The 4th of July is perhaps best known for the holiday’s dazzling firework displays across the country—besides historical independence, of course. However, there’s more to these festive shows than their brilliance. Ever been curious about the objects lighting up the night sky with colorful shapes and drifting smoke? Fireworks have chemistry—and history!—and we want to […]

Where to Watch Fireworks near Livingston this Fourth of July

This week, families and groups of friends across the country will spread out their blankets, unlock their tailgates, prop up their lawn chairs and turn their eyes to the sky for the most explosive nighttime show of the year. After a day meant to celebrate America’s independence with barbecues, yard games and dips in the […]

Course Spotlight: Web Design 4179

The credibility of a website is often determined by the craftsmanship of its design and usability, and in a digital era saturated in digital competition, becoming an effective web designer is essential. Web Design 4179 will teach students the basics of HTML, CSS, and web design. The course will guide students through the process of […]

6 Digital Marketing Courses to Take Now with UWA Online

In today’s technologically-driven world, digital marketing is making its mark as an influential force for businesses wanting to effectively market their brands. The term digital marketing encompasses any type of online marketing effort—from email promotions to social media, from search engine ads to cell phone apps. As a marketer, you want your brand to be […]

Course Spotlight: Wine Pairing and Tasting 3977

Has becoming a sommelier always been on your bucket list? Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out what the word means? For those interested in getting to know wine beyond the label on the bottle UWA Online Continuing Education e-Learning can help. The e-Learning course, Wine Pairing and Tasting 3997, serves to teach participants […]

7 Benefits of Earning a Certification

When you go to college or a trade school, you are working to prove that you possess an adequate or beyond adequate amount of knowledge to perform a task, advise on a subject or occupy a specific role in the work force. A professional certification serves essentially the same purpose—to show that you are qualified […]

Happy Father’s Day: The Top 10 Dads in Pop Culture

Every day is a good day to appreciate your father; nonetheless, Father’s Day is an opportune holiday to show your dad you care about him and appreciate all he has done for you and your family. Unfortunately, no dad is perfect, and pop culture television and movies has, in many cases, excellently illustrated the fallibility […]

Course Spotlight: Nutrition and Fitness Professional 3195

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. In Nutrition and Fitness Professional 3195, you will learn practical skills and knowledge about staying healthy and fit. The course promotes a personalized guide to fitness and wellness that are both attainable and enjoyable, and students can learn and put to practice a variety of information regarding […]