Continuing Education

10 Computer Skills Employers Want You to Know

We live in an increasingly technological world, and even if your dream job is not rooted in computers, there are a few essential computer skills that you should have a firm grasp on regardless of what you are doing. Your competence with computers makes you more marketable as an employee and assures employers that you […]

In the News: UWA Professor Discovers Two New Species of Mint in Alabama

At the University of West Alabama, we take pride in the fact that our faculty works hard to continuously make strides and advancements in their respective fields of study. This happened recently, when one University of West Alabama professor made headlines for his discovery of two new species of mint in Alabama. As reported by […]

Course Spotlight: Substitute Teacher Preparation 1155

As a substitute teacher, you typically have some big shoes to fill in the eyes of your temporary students. Securing student respect and coming prepared with a portfolio full of ideas is what you need to achieve success as a substitute, and you’ll learn how to do all of that and more in Substitute Teacher […]

Millennials are Craving Continuing Education

Characterized as being the first born into the digital world dominated by internet and social media, millennials—those born between 1982 and 2004—are thus far the largest defined generation in American history. Also known as “Generation Y,” millennials are also the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in history and are dubbed as being more progressive-minded […]

UWA Launches Black Belt Teacher Corps With First 10 Members

In an effort to promote quality education among rural schools, the University of West Alabama has recently taken steps toward incentivizing young teachers to start their careers in areas of the state that need it most. Earlier this month, UWA launched its Black Belt Teacher Corps initiative—a program in which College of Education students dedicate […]

Course Spotlight: Instagram for Business 1164

Instagram may be one of your go-to apps on your smart phone’s home screen, and you may post pictures of yourself, your dog and/or what you had for lunch on a regular basis. However, using Instagram on a personal level—even very frequently—does not automatically make you an expert on all aspects of the app, such […]

Valentine’s Day Feature: Flower Colors and Their Meanings

Whether it’s a day you embrace with open arms or one that you run and hide from, Valentine’s Day has arrived in 2017. For many, February 14 is a day to celebrate love and those who we love. Cliché as it may sound, one of the most popular ways people still communicate their messages of […]

Course Spotlight: Growing Your Business With Self-Publishing 1207

Self-publishing materials is an excellent way to grow your business and legitimize yourself as an expert in your respective field. Now, you can learn exactly what you need to do to be a successful self-publisher through UWA Online Continuing Education! “Growing Your Business With Self-Publishing 1207” is one of three courses required to earn a […]

A UWA Continuing Education Course Costs Less Than These 8 Things

When deciding whether or not to go back to school, some people may shy away from doing so simply from a financial standpoint. One great thing about pursuing continuing education through the University of West Alabama Online is that it is cost effective. Most UWA Online continuing education courses only cost between $195 and $495.* […]