Continuing Education

10 Valuable Career Skills You Can Learn Online

Your academic degree says something about you—that you were motivated enough to complete the required course materials on a particular subject, and you had enough interest (and maybe even passion) for the topic to study it for an extended period of time. While your degree is nothing to glaze over in the career world, and […]

Course Spotlight: Beef: Principles and Methods of Cooking 3104

There can be more to cooking beef than shaping it into hamburger patties for the grill or combining it with taco seasoning in a skillet—and you can learn all about it in Beef: Principles and Methods of Cooking 3104 through the University of West Alabama Online. In this online continuing education course offered through the […]

6 Culinary Continuing Education Courses to Try This Year

Are you a baker looking to bolster your bread making skills? Or perhaps you are an amateur behind the kitchen counter and you would like to learn more about preparing the perfect poultry? No matter your culinary skill level or area of interest, the University of West Alabama Online has an online continuing education course […]

Course Spotlight: Spanish for Medical Professionals 1157

In the medical field, it can be difficult—and frustrating—when you are treating a patient whose primary language is something other than yours. With an increasing number of Spanish-speaking patients utilizing medical facilities in the United States, this is a common issue for nurses, doctors and others working in the medical realm to experience. That’s where […]

Have Free Time? 10 Reasons Why You Should Spend It on Continuing Education

In juggling work, family, friends and personal activities, some people find it difficult, if not impossible, to carve out free time. Others fall on the opposite end of the spectrum—those who have more free time on their hands than they know what to do with—and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. If you are […]

Course Spotlight: The Flipped Classroom

Traditional learning methods are being favored less and less over new and innovative teaching strategies—including a concept called the flipped classroom. The flipped classroom refers to the inversion of the traditional classroom, which involves teachers lecturing and students completing homework outside of the classroom. Instead, in the flipped classroom, students view short video lectures at […]

10 Useful Continuing Education Courses for Teachers

It has been said that teachers are doing a disservice to their students if teachers themselves do not continuing learning throughout their careers. While some topics like math and science can seem concrete (2+2 will always equal 4), as technology evolves, the methods available to teachers to relay information is ever changing. In order to […]

Course Spotlight: Powerful Presentations and Effective Speaking Techniques 1159

You cannot underestimate the power of public speaking—especially in a business setting. From presentations to sales, speaking appears as a form of communication across a variety of business venues. In Powerful Presentations and Effective Speaking Techniques 1159, participants will learn how professional speaking, presentation and sales techniques can positively affect the success they experience in […]

5 Reasons to Consider Continuing Education During the Summer

Depending on their age and life stage, summer means different things to different people. When you are a kid in school, it can mean freedom from responsibility and days spent playing outside or swimming in the pool. When you are in college, summer is not entirely as carefree as when you were a kid, but […]

Course Spotlight: Google Analytics 1219

As a business, you can’t track how many people watch your television commercial—but you can track how many people visit your website. Welcome to the world of web analytics—and specifically, Google Analytics. Google Analytics 1219 is a course designed for the non-technical user and will focus on fundamental web analytics techniques using the world standard—Google […]