What You Can do With a Culinary and Hospitality Education

Are you considering earning a certification to help you toward a successful career in the culinary or hospitality field?

UWA Online’s new Continuing Education program has courses that can help you achieve your culinary and hospitality-related career goals.

So what exactly can you do with a culinary and hospitality education? Here are a few viable options.

  • Dietician/Nutritionist: Generally works in a clinical or hospital setting. Dieticians help their clients form diet plans to maintain, regain or establish health and proper nutrition. They can also work with food service operations to ensure conformance to certain regulatory standards.
    • Salary Range: $38,541-$63,320
  • Head Chef or Head Cook: Works in restaurants, cafeterias, catering companies, bakers and for other entities that serve food. At this level, chefs or cooks are expected to be specialized in particular cuisines. Head chefs may also create or modify menus and manage other kitchen staff.
    • Salary Range: $29,835-$65,442
  • Executive Chef: Requires expert culinary knowledge. The executive chef plans the day’s menu and assigns responsibilities for meal preparation and quality control. The executive chef may also be responsible for budgeting and tracking kitchen inventory.
    • Salary Range: $39,283-$85,004
  • Baker or Pastry Chef: Creates breads and/or baked goods for restaurants, cafes, or other establishments. A baker can own his or her own bakery, or work under the owner of said establishment.
    • Salary Range: $18,252-$37,110
  • Food Scientist: Performs tasks related to the production, testing and consumption of food. A food scientist may work in quality assurance in a production facility where he or she tests for levels of various nutrients and the presence or absence of microbes in a product. A food scientist can also be responsible for developing new techniques to streamline production or improve the packaging of a product.
    • Salary Range: $43,144-$81,714
  • Food Service Manager: Works to ensure smooth operation of food service establishments including fast food, fine dining, hotels and resorts, catering businesses and other businesses involved in the preparation and service of food. A food service manager is often responsible for hiring, training, scheduling and other similar duties.
    • Salary Range: $28,997-$56,460
  • Hotel, Motel and Resort Manager: Encompasses a range of duties at a hotel, motel or resort including hiring, training and managing staff, maintaining hotel standards and handling customer service complaints. The hotel manager may also be responsible for bookkeeping duties and cash-flow maintenance.
    • Salary Range: $25,297-$90,374

If you have a passion for the culinary or hospitality industries, don’t hesitate to pursue it! Check out UWA Online’s Continuing Education course offerings at https://uwa.augusoft.net/!

Salary ranges courtesy of www.payscale.com.

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